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Monday, January 28, 2008

Kissing Snowflakes-Abby Sher,

"Kissing Snowflakes" is a cute tale of 15 year-old Samantha and her winter break vacation to the Vermont Inn. "Winter break is supposed to be all about romance, but Samantha is stuck spending hers in a Vermont Inn with her dad, brother, and impossibly perfect new stepmom". This is not exactly what Sam pictures to be a romantic vacation, that is until she meets Drew. When Sam decides to venture out to a skiing class, she meets her beautiful blonde ski instructor.   After  Drew shows her around the slopes and how to kiss, she feels that this vacation could not get any better. That is, until Eric, the inn owner's son, tells Sam how much of a player Drew is. Could this be true? After getting snowed in the lodge, Sam realizes how much of a jerk Drew really is and finds out how great of a person Eric is. 

Abby Sher's first YA book,"Kissing Snowflakes", was amazing! The characters really easy to relate to and lighthearted. It was nice to read a chick-lit book that didn't have the same mean girl gets revenge, "Gossip Girl",plot. Sher was really descriptive, enough that i almost felt like I was in the inn sitting right next to Sam. I recommend this book to my fellow chick-lit book lovers or anyone else that needs a great book to snuggle up by the fire with.

Best Book of Winter 2008

If I Have A Wicked Stepmother,Where's My Prince?-Melissa Kantor

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Fahrenheit 451-Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" is one of the most influential books of our time. Ray Bradbury predicts a controlled society, where everyone simply just wants to be happy.  In this society, books are illegal, and fireman are hired to burn these banned books. The main character, Guy Montag, is one of these firemen. He starts with books being the culprit, but as the book goes on he realizes that there is a need for reform in the society. His point of view changes when he meets a 17 year-old girl, Clarrise. Clarrise helps Montag open his eyes and realize the meaning of books.  He realizes that it is time for a change, and that is just what he will do.

The book has great suspense and is very engrossing. The book shows us the fate of censorship. That we must start thinking and talking about things that matter, so that we can remember them for generations to come. That we must constantly battle with what is right and what is wrong. The book is great because it is realistic of something that could happen in the future. It is a book the everyone should read and discuss. I recommend this book to anyone up for an enlightening read that will impact the way they think about books forever. Someone that likes a little bit of suspense and mystery. If you like a book that keeps you turning the pages and that will draw you in, I recommend you read this book. You will not regret it!

The Truth About Forever-Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen's "The Truth About Forever" is by far one of her best books yet. The story starts when sixteen year old Macy's boyfriend goes away to Brain Camp for the summer. Macy is left behind doing his job at the dull library. On a whim Macy meets the crew of the Wish Catering Company and finds herself looking up at life. Delia and here catering crew are far from perfect and that proves to be what Macy just might need. They show her that it is okay to let your inner feelings show and that it is okay to make mistakes. Even though her mom doesn't like her acting like a normal kid, Macy does not let that stop her from living for her and not her mother. Macy even finds her self head over heals for one of the caterers. Wes is a good-hearted kid who Macy found to be very lovable and charming. Macy's new way of life and love take her through a huge change from a girl focused on the future to a girl that lives in the now and accepts the past. 

"The Truth About Forever" was inspiring and very well written.  It was not just an ordinary book but one that can change your whole perspective on life. The plot line was very relatable and realistic. While reading it I couldn't put it down! Afterwards, I feel like I could read it over and over again. This book is something that anyone should read and a book that I will always keep close to my heart. 

I read this book a couple months ago and reread it about a week ago, so i though I would write a review on it. My first book of Dessen's was Just Listen. I have also read some of her earlier work and enjoyed that too. Sarah Dessen is a really captivating writer. She is brilliant, funny, and inspirational. All of which make for excellent books! She is possibly one of the best authors out there. So, if you haven't already..read this book because you will not regret it!

PhotobucketGold Star Book!

The Luxe-Anna Godbersen

The year is 1899 and New York City is mourning the death of ideal young lady Elizabeth Holland.  As the book goes back to the weeks before Elizabeth's death we find deep secrets, scandal, and sacrifice. When Elizabeth discovers of her family's financial problems she is forced into loveless engagement. Elizabeth feels obligated to marry the wealthy Henry Schoonmaker in order to saver her family from financial ruin.  A jealous friend, maid, and sister make you question if her death really was an accident. 

The Luxe has a clever plot and historically accurate details. Godbersen portrayed 1899 New York life very well. It is one of the best books of 2007 and most are anticipating the 2008 arrival of the sequel to The Luxe,Rumors.